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Theme library

Make a stellar first impression for your e-store with our predefined web templates that are optimized for customer experience.

Mobile first

More and more customers are connecting with the brand on the mobile. All our themes are designed for mobile consumers, so you never miss a sale.

Custom design

Get a custom store designed for your e-store that speaks for your brand. For a custom theme, please get in touch.

Expert assistance

Stuck at any step of the process? Get our experts to help you. From setting up your online store to managing and optimizing it.

Personalized domain name

Your online store is no different than your physical store. Get your personalized domain name that your customers can connect with and recall.

E-commerce content management system

Manage all the content of your e-commerce store from the user-friendly backend store management panel.

Mobile app

Mobile is the new frontier. Dtoub offers fully functional mobile apps to capture this growing audience to give you that extra edge.

Shopping Cart

Secure checkout

All stores on Dtoub

come with a free SSL certificate giving you that comfort of end-to-end data protection.

Multiple checkout options

Offer multiple checkout options to your customers, including credit cards, mobile payments, cash on delivery (COD), store pickup and more.

Multiple payment gateways

Dtoub is integrated with all the major local & international payment gateways. Get in touch if the payment gateway of your choice is not currently available.

Adjustable shipping rates

Set up shipping costs for multiple variables, including weight, location, fixed price and tiered pricing for cost optimization.

Provide free shipping

Increase your average basket size by providing free shipping at different price points that are viable for your business.

Flexible taxation

Apply multiple taxation rules based on customer location and always stay in compliance with all government regulations.

Abandoned cart reminders

69% of shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Get shoppers back by sending email reminders for abandoned carts.


Inventory management

Manage inventory seamlessly with Dtoub. Connect with your offline inventory or maintain independent online stock. Never run out of stock by automatically receiving low stock alerts.


Make it easy to manage yourself and for your customers to find what they’re looking for by organizing your products into collections according to product category, season, sales, and more.

Multi-collection products

Add a single product to multiple collections for better consumer experience when a product can qualify for multiple consumer uses.

Brands and types

Associate brands and product, types with each product and make use of these to organize data, improve product discovery for consumers and reporting.


Perform convenient bulk actions for editing/updating your inventory as and when required and easily import and export a large number of product data using CSV files.

Built-in automated SEO

Reduce your time and effort by making use of our self-generated SEO optimized meta descriptions, URL handles, titles, and product alt image titles.

Product tags optimization

Boost your SEO (search rankings) by taking advantage of manually optimizing your product pages with product-related meta descriptions, header tags, URL handles, and titles as you deem fit.

Product organization

Organize and present diverse variants of your products, for instance, material, color, and size or create your own and manage each variant’s inventory, price, SKU, and so on.

Multiple images

Develop trust and remove doubts of your customers, by posting multiple pictures of your products showcasing it from different angles. Product titles are automatically picked for SEO.

Unlimited products

Upload and sell as many products as you want on your e-store without any set limit and make use of collections, brands, and types to organize them for better management.

Product search

Use advanced admin search tools to find and edit products based on multiple criteria of Brand, Type, Collection, Hidden, Out of Stock and more.

Show/ hide/ publish/ stock out

Use multiple tags to manage your products based on when and how you want to make it available to your consumers based on different criteria and timings during the sale or product launches.

Product filters

Make use of multiple product filters to guide customers on drilling down to their desired products based on price, color, size, brand, type, etc.

Price comparison

Use price-comparison to show customers how your prices compare to what the market might be charging for the same product to generate customer interest.


Order tagging

Auto-tag the incoming orders as they come in to handle pre-paid and cash-on-delivery orders for which payments are still to be received and the orders need to be verified as confirmed or bogus.

Order management

Manage the orders according to your internal processes by passing them through various stages, verified, shipped, fulfilled, cancelled, or refunded to get transparency at every stage of the order process.

Bulk operations

Cancel, Verify, Process and fulfil multiple orders for quick processing with a single click to save time and bring efficiency in the day-to-day operations, especially in times of high order volume during sales and launches.

Incoming order notification

Add email alerts for every incoming order on multiple accounts to ensure you never miss an order and that customer satisfaction is never compromised due to order shipment delays.

Customer order notifications

Create auto-email notifications to be sent to your customers at every stage of the order process so customers are always engaged and in the know of their order status.

Customer contact

Contact customers for any order related matter directly from the order detail page to optimize communication.

Customer tagging

Tag customers for future reference based on their past purchase patterns. Getting pre-insight on how to handle an incoming order and make an informed decision on how to process the order.

On the go

Not in office or near the system and need to still quickly process orders. We’ve got your back. Access the platform on your mobile and process orders on the go.

Order refunds

Process partial or full order refunds to keep your customers happy and the systems updated with complete inventory sync for order refunds.

Cancel/ refund reasons

For every order that you or your team member cancels, get insights with pre-defined order cancellation/refund reasons or get a custom reason to always keep an insight on what’s triggering cancellations and returns.

Order notes

Add order notes to every order for your team members or for future reference to later recall any/all communication related to that order.

Order timeline

See the complete order timeline against every order with a timestamp on when every action was performed on the order and by whom.

Order history

With a single click, see the complete order history of the customer from within every order to get a detailed insight into your customer.

Shipment booking

Book every order for shipment with your choice of shipping service provider and generate a shipping slip right from the order detail page.

Invoice/label printing

Print invoice and shipping labels for each order individually or run a bulk operation to print invoices and shipping labels for multiple orders together with a single click saving time and effort.


Know your customer

Get instant access to your customer data and purchase patterns for better insights into who your customers are, what they are buying, where they are located, and how much they spend.

Customer segmentation

Classify and segment your customers based on order history, location, payment method, and more to better optimize your marketing campaigns for different customer segments and drive results.

Customer checkouts

Offer guest checkouts or incentivize your customers to register for quick checkouts on repeat purchases.

Customer accounts

Registered customers get access to their accounts where they can update/modify their contact information and also see their purchase history and create repeat orders with a single click.

Customer email notifications

Create automated order notification emails for your customers aligned with your brand with customized messages at every step of the order process and keep them engaged with your brand, while updating them of useful information.

Customer contact

Reach out to your customer through emails from within the platform with a single click for any important communication without having to switch to your email account.

Data export

Easily export your customer data into a CSV format.

Marketing communication

Send bulk marketing messages using integrated Mail Chimp service or export your customer data to send out mass marketing messages from any platform of your choice.

Recent customer information

Get instant insight on recent customers on the customer listing page with information such as total orders placed, last orders placed, total purchases to date, and more.

Order history

View customer order history by deep diving into each customer detail where you can find all past orders data, including information on orders placed, orders cancelled, orders refunded and their respective values.

Customer tagging

Tag customers for future reference based on their past purchase patterns. Getting pre-insight on how to handle an incoming order and make an informed decision on how to process the order.

Marketing & SEO

Search engine optimization

Make your e-store search easier for your customers with custom Meta descriptions and title tags generated by Dtoub.

Loyalty program

Achieve business success with increased sales by offering customers rewards that they can redeem against future shopping. This will increase brand loyalty and build strong brand association as well as turn the customers into repeat purchasers to earn more rewards.

Social media integration

Dtoub increases your presence on social media by keeping your brand active. It boosts your customer engagement and promotes your brand by frequently sharing fresh content on various social network platforms.

Web Hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy maximum network speed. You will never be charged for how many online visitors go through your store or for any files or photos you upload.

SSL certificate

Dtoub is a pure cloud-based infrastructure that provides security to both your business data and your customer’s information.

Automated upgrades

Through Dtoub’s automated update, you will stay up-to-date with various ever-evolving features, saving you both time and money. You also get the option to enable and disable the feature whenever you like.

Highly operational

We make sure your e-store is always online and operational with our 24/7 monitoring so the uptime is 99.98% and there’s never any room for downtime.

Reports & Insights

Control panel

Revolutionize your business and achieve operational excellence by easily analyzing up-to-date information with an actionable control panel.

Product performance

Gather performance data from your online store, view, and analyze which products have more sales and which don’t and from there, identify your topmost trending products.

Export reports

Export reports to yield valuable data insights and prevent future discrepancies. Build custom reports on your products, customers’ data, and orders in a spreadsheet or share them with your third-party accountants.

Google analytics

Track and review traffic, referrals, visit data, sales, and other metrics related to your online store. Gain further insight from reports and get to know how people find you, and through what source.

Mobile App

Robust dashboard

Manage multiple stores using a single admin panel, create, and modify an unlimited number of products and track different trends.

Order fulfillment

Complete orders from your phone and capture payments once the amount has been transferred.Then send your prospective customers shipping notifications from your selected courier services.

Modify product

Perform multiple actions, add a product, change its price or its description, and so on, all from your phone.

Synced data

For better consistency and high scalability, all your data, including products, inventory, orders, and customer information is synched with Dtoub.

Keep in touch

Instantly get in touch with your customers through phone or email, simply by looking up their profiles.

24/7 Assistance

Support team

Our devoted support team is active around the clock, 7 days a week to assist and respond to your queries through calls, emails, and live chats.

Help center

Solves issues here without contacting customer services. Find the most asked questions, tutorials, and instruction manual.

Dtoub experts

Get in touch with our experts and get all the help you need, whether it’s relating to some technical issue or setting up and managing your store.


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